Saturday, February 4, 2012

Perfectawash Update!

So like I said in my first impressions, PerfectaWash does a pretty good job of taking care of acne that has already emerged. However, as far as taking care of emerging acne, it fails. I went through a two week period where I had bad breakouts, and some under the skin acne. Perfectawash couldn't bring me back from that. I decided to go back to the Proactiv I had left when I set it aside to try the Perfectawash. I've been back on Proactiv for two days and my face is almost completely clear.
Bottom line: If you have something that works for you (proactiv, for example) I would not switch from that to the Perfectawash, no matter how less expensive it is. Find a product that can take care of acne that is on it's way, rather than just what's on your face.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day :)